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The reprogramming facility provides a reprogramming service to supply scientists with human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. Patient-specific iPS cell lines opens up unique opportunities to in vitro study and create cellular models of human disease. The facility reprograms human fibroblast cells using virus-free mRNA-based methods..

National Facility Located at Karolinska Institutet

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Our Work

The facility reprograms human fibroblast cells using non integrating mRNA based methods, resulting in iPS cells free of any integrated genetic material.

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The iPS facility is offering a spectrum of service packages from fibroblast cell derivation, reprogramming of fibroblast cells to iPS cells, characterisation of the iPS cell lines and hands-on iPS cell culturing courses.


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Additional Services

The Facility offers a wide range of additional services upon request. The services are adapted to the needs of each customer. Examples are; Karyotyping, Embryonic body formation, Cell Authentication and differentiation of the iPS cells to neural stem cells.

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iPS Core is located at Karolinska Institutet, department of Neuroscience. Director is Anna Falk Associate Professor.

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SciLifeLab Pilot

iPS Core is a SciLifeLab Pilot Facility since 2017. iPS core is an academic facility operating with thanks to research grants and users-fees.