Listed are our core services. These are all performed at iPS Core. Price list can be found at the bottom of the page. We offer a wide range of additional services, these are in part performed at iPS Core, for information se "Additional Services".


fib BF

Establishment of fibroblast cells from skin biopsy

Package 1) Establishment of fibroblast cells from skin biopsy

This service takes about 1 month to complete and includes establishing fibroblast cells from a 2-4 mm skin biopsy in one T75 flask or three frozen vials.

Only freshly collected biopsies will be accepted. In the unlikely event that we fail to isolate fibroblasts from properly collected skin biopsies due to errors by the facility, there will be no charge for this attempt. We will ask the investigator to provide a new biopsy to complete the service.

mRNA-mediated reprogramming

Package 2) Reprogramming human fibroblast cells using synthetic mRNA 

This service takes about 2-3 months and includes:

  • Mycoplasma testing, expansion, cryopreservation and set-up of fibroblast cells for reprogramming.
  • Reprogramming using virus-free, synthetic mRNA
  • Re-plating of transduced cells onto one 6cm plate with human recombinant laminin coating, daily feeding.
  • Manual picking of minimum 12 good looking colonies, 2-3 weeks after initiation of reprogramming.
  • Expansion of top two colonies, feeding daily.
  • Basic characterisation of top two iPS cell clones (se below).

iPS clone lab BF

immuno iPS

Basic iPS clone characterisation

Two iPS clones from each line, go through basic quality assessments, that includes;

Test for endogenous expression of expression of pluripotency associated factors and Cell Authentication (comparing fibroblasts of origin and the generated iPS cell clones).


Banking if iPS clones

Safe storage of your iPS clones in our nitrogen tank.

cell tank



Human iPS cell culturing courses

Each course is tailor-made for each customer, in terms of duration, content and dates. You will be guided by an experienced lab technicians on the basic culturing technics such as thawing iPS cells, passaging and freezing iPS cells under feeder-free condition.

Neuroepithelial stem cells

Neural stem cell differnetiation by dual-SMAD inhibition on adherent iPS cells to generate stable neural precursor cells/neuroepitehlila stem cells (NES). NES cell can be maintained for >100 passages and make up a stable source material for differentiation to neurons and glia.

NES rosette thumbnail

Price list for academic affiliations

Service Package short description Price for Academic affliction (SEK)
1) Fibroblast derivation Establishment of fibroblasts from skin biopsis 6 000
2) Reprogramming mRNA mediated reprogramming and basic characterisation of two iPS clones. 41 500
3) Banking Storage of frozen vials fibroblasts or iPS, price per vial and year 2 200
4) Training Price per hour 250
5) Expansion of iPS Clone Thawing, expansion and freezing of iPS clone, minimum 3 new vials 3 000

Note on the Price list

The listed prices are excluded INDI. INDI of 25,3% will be added to all prices.

The price list is valid until December 31, 2017.

If you are a non-academic customer, please contact us for quotation.