Our work

We derive human induced pluripotent cell clones from human fibroblasts. Reprogramming factors are the Yamanaka factors mediated by the non integrating Sendai virus. This results in iPS clones free from any footprint.  We provide the full chain from fibroblast derivation to characterisation and analysis of the iPS cells. Our core services and prices are listed under "Services". 

We have basic service packages and can create tailor-made services according to your needs. 

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Establishment of iPS cells from fibroblasts.

The steps and the time it takes to establish human iPS clones. Delivery of clones is between 12-15 weeks after project is started. Basic quality controls; mycoplasma test, RT-PCR for viral vectors, RT-PCR for pluripotency factors, are performed on all delivered clones.
Additional quality tests and pluripotency tests can be arranged upon request. A selection of assays can be found under "iPS characterisation". The pricing for these additional services is sample dependent and no profit is added to the list price.

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