Additional services

These services are in part performed at other core facilities or accredited laboratories. We will provide the samples and deliver the samples if performed els were. Please, contact us for detailed information on service and price.

Karyotyping Assays

GC-banding, (Giemsa stain), traditional karyotyping method that can detect chromosomal abnormalities with a resolution down to 3Mb.

Array-CGH (Comparative Genomic Hybridisation with Microarray), a technology that can detect unbalanced chromosomal abnormalities with a resolution down to 100kb.


EB formation BF

Pluripotency Assays

Embryonic Body formation and germ layer analysis with immunocytochemistry and/or RT-PCR.

RNA-Sequencing (RNA-Seq). A technology that provides a quantitative read of total RNA, with a resolution down to single nucleotides. This provides information on gene expression, single nucleotide polymorphisms and post-transcriptional modifications. This analysis will be performed in collaboration with the National Genomics Infrastructure hosted by SciLifeLab.

Illumina Gene Expression Assay/Pluritest. A BeadChip based technology that provides human genome-wide transcriptional coverage of well-characterized genes, gene candidates and splice variants. This is performed in collaboration with the Mutation Analysis Facility (MAF) at Novum, KI. Data form this analysis can be analysed with the open access assay Pluritest that compares your data with previous published data on pluripotent cells.

Cell Authentication

Genomic DNA from iPS clone/clones are compared to fibroblasts using the Promega PowerPlex 21 system. Reprogrammed clones and fibroblasts are genomically identical. Relation and mixup of samples are also revealed in this test.






Cell Authentication


General Cell and Molecular Assays

Performed after specifications by customer. Methods available are for example;

  • Immunocytochemistry
  • Western Blot
  • RT-PCR


Neuroepithelial stem cell derivation from iPS cells

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