Q1: Can you arrange with the taking of biopsies?

A1: This should be arranged in collaboration with the attending physician. We can take care of the taken biopsy.

Q2: How long will it take for me to get my iPS clones?

A2: If from biopsy, about 4-5 months. And if from already established fibroblasts, about 4 months. This will vary on the number of services included.

Q3: Is the culturing defined and Xeno-free?

A3: The iPS cell derivation is defined and Xeno-free from the moment that the iPS cells have been transduced and plated onto human laminin521.

Q4: What passage of fibroblast should i provide?

A4: Any passage below 10 should work fine.

Q5: What happens to my samples after derivation , is any stored?

A5: Frozen vials of the fibroblasts will be delivered with the iPS clones. All samples that are not deliver to customers are destroyed if baking service is not included in the project.

Q6: Can I add services once the project is ongoing?

A6: Yes. A fee for thawing and expansion might be added if the samples are already frozen.

Q7: What coatings do you derive the iPS cells on?

A7: Preferably on human laminin521, but human feeders are also an option.

Q8: Do you share my cells or data with anyone?

Q8: No!

Q9: I have iPS lines on feeder and would like to have them transfered to another coating, can you do that?

A9: No, It is in may cases easier to rederive the line on the new coating. This we can do.

Q10: What is INDI (that is added to the price according to the Price list)?

A10: That is the over-head costs that the lab pays on material and services. The INDI is department dependent and the INDI at the Neuroscience department where we are located is 22,3% for 2015. This is reviewed annually. This will be added independently f you are located at KI or at any other university.

Q11: Can I culture the iPS cells that I get from the facility on other coatings that the once that they are derived on?

Q12: Yeas in theory. In practice cells thens to adjust to the coating that they are growing on and there transfer might not be straight forward.